Tuesday, April 8, 2014

HELP!! I have fallen and I can't get up! But maybe I can..?

Hello you,

yes YOU, you are the one reading this right? Or are you really reading it? Or is this message just going out in the oblivion of space of what used to be my blog...hello.....hello.....hello....


Well it is pretty obviously that this blog has died. RIP....

But lucky for you...I believe in ressurection ...So tell me.

Is it worth ressurecting? Is there anyone out there???

Because it just so happens I bought a Mac Book Pro.... and I know you are thinking spoiled right...well let me just show you what I have been using as a computer for the last two years.....ready....???!

(See that subliminal message I gave you there? Hey free advertising!)

Have you ever tried to MOVE a BROKEN laptop attached to another old monitor??!  Let me tell you, it doesn't work well.  And since our computer is in our kitchen and the world around me is running in a million different directions, staying in the kitchen to blog isn't ideal.  I usually edit my you tube videos at night and well, I ran out of "night" time to blog.  Therefore...RIP.

And do not get me started about the keys.  I refuse to talk about them.

...ok I will tell you.  But that's only because you are listening and thats more than my kids do most days.  They came up with all these crazy shortcut buttons on the side.  What is so wrong with that?


How many times am I furiously blogging or writing away and oops my finger went a little too far and instead of hitting something non threatening...


page closed.

and then you think your life is over.

No really, you just have to figure out how to retrieve it, if possible.  Was it closed? Did you open a new window?  Why did it suddenly delete my last paragraph? WHY IS IT NOW TALKING TO ME?

and so on and so forth.  hence....... the sheer hate of typing anything.....

I know we all have excuses and mine stink just like the rest of them but the point is.  Now that I have this beauty I am HOPING that will help motivate me to blog where I am...  kids want to play outside?


Here let me type away while you play in your car.  Awesome.

Or maybe i'll just put the computer down completely, ignore it and play with my kids and forget about my blog.

Or maybe I will do some of both.

I just always remember how much I love writing when I sit down to write.  Its the actual part of getting started that is hard.  So tell me, ARE YOU OUT THERE?!



Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to cut/ trim your own bangs! Professional Advice!

Yep, my secrets are out.  If you are going to trim your own bangs please at least do it right.  And please PUT THE KITCHEN SCISSORS DOWN.  We all know that is not working for you.  Take $20-30 go to Sally's buy at least a pair of hair cutting scissors.  Your hair will thank me.

2 Min Quick Messy Top Knot

Only have 2 mins? You are in luck through your hair up in a snap with this quick how to tutorial!

Fashion Hack! How to wear tall boots with jeans! Make them fit!

So yeah buying boots.  Most of us are like *_*.  Tired of boots gapping? Not fitting? Jeans bunching and scrunching?  Well here are a few of my helpful tips to make your boots fit the best they can!

xoxo Amber

How to get BIG VOLUME in your hair!

Hey guys so here is a fun little video on how to get BIG SEXY HAIR!  Some times girls gotta have some volume, right?!  This is especially helpful if you have a big all day occasion coming up where you do not want your hair to MOVE! Seriously.  I did this for my sister for her family pictures and she woke up the next day and was like...whaaaattt?! my hair looks amazing still! And my response is..I told you, I wasn't messing around! Anyway I hope this is helpful to some of you.

The products used are
Redken aerate or bedhead small talk
Redken Guts or bedhead queen for a day spray
Big sexy volumizing powder
Redken Backcombing spray
Any finishing hairspray.
And a backcombing comb!

xoxo Amber

My husband does my makeup!

Hey guys sorry I fell of the wagon for a little while..I bought a new house, moved and keeping up with my you tube channel was hard enough so my blog was a little neglected!  Anyhow I just made 1,000 subscribers on my you tube! yay!! Anyhow here is a fun video of my hubby doing my makeup.  He is such a ham. ha ha ha.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Honest Review of Rodan and Fields"MACRO E" Exfoliator! Not a distributor!!

Hey guys so last month my sister came to visit and brought her MACRO e exfoliator by Rodan And Fields.  I have seen her post some comments about it on facebook and was pretty interested in checking it out.  She had been raving about how good her skin looked, how much softer and smoother her skin was and how it was even helping with acne scars.  So naturally...I HAD TO TRY IT!! Luckily I didn't have to invest in this beauty to try it out, like I usually do.  Although I wish I had the funds to do so, because this thing is awesome!  Check out my full review below were I demonstrate how to use it and tell you all about it!

Drugstore Dupe for MAC pressed pigments or Urban Decay Moondust Shadows?

Hey guys if you are like me and love a good little bit of shimmer, you may have been drawn to the MAC pressed pigments or moondust shadows. Although they are pretty I can't quite swallow the price. We are in the midst of purchasing a new house, and although I want to explore new things, I don't want to put down a small fortune. So I found this pressed pigments and I am totally in love! For more info and swatches, check
out my review below!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Urban Decay Giveaway! (closed)

Why is Modesty Important? Modest Back to School Fashions!

Need some ideas on what to wear back to school?  Want something modest that pleases your mom and you?  Or if YOU are the mom, do you want some cute ideas that your teen won't turn her nose up at?  Well this video is exactly that, with the help of my lovely 14 year old niece, we put together some cute outfits for back to school that are fun, fashionable AND modest.

Our clothes may be an expressions of who we are, but they are NOT who we are. 

Since when did modesty have to be boring?  You can cover your body and still have fun with colors accessories, styles and patterns.  Modesty is so important because it not only shows that we think about ourselves, but it also shows what we want others to think about us.  Being modest does not mean we are "too churchy" "old fashioned" Or "unpopular".  Which are the words I have heard expressed about being modest.  "But everyone will think I'm a goody goody.."  Really?  Does modesty mean you have to dress in plain boring clothes from head to toe?  Definitely not!

Modesty is finding your own sense of style and sticking to it!  Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in.  Find ways to incorporate fashion trends without sacrificing your integrity.  You can always find a way to wear whats popular without being immodest.  Being modest can be different for everyone.  There is not one exact definition,  what is modest to some, may not be for others.  The best rule to follow is, what looks the best, what you feel comfortable in and if you are a teen what your parents feel comfortable with you wearing.  You can also ask and church leaders for ideas or guidelines if you are unsure if something is modest or not.

"But why does modesty even matter anyway?"  People judge us on how we look.  We may not like it, we may not wish it, but it is the truth.  I had this exact experience when I was a teen.  When I was a young teen I was already way taller than all the girls (and most of the boys) in my grade.  I did not always think modesty was important.  I remember having many discussions on why I couldn't wear something, why it really mattered anyway..  Being a tall girl it was hard to find clothes that fit.  There was no "Downeast", no "long tanktops" anywhere to be found.  Layering something long underneath simply wasn't an option.  So me and my mom tried our best to find shirts long enough, pants high enough in any way possible to try and attempt to cover my back and stomach.  And it didn't always work, and sometimes I didn't care.  I grew up as a tall skinny girl and I thought well If I can't be the prettiest girl, at least I can be skinny.  So around I went not always dressing as modesty as I should of been.  So what was the big deal? Let me get back to my main point.  People judged me.

It didn't matter that I was a good girl,  It didn't matter that I attended church with my family or went to seminary.  I dressed somewhat immodestly so some people thought I was different that what I was portraying.  Boys aside (which I will get to in a moment)  Other girls and their moms probably thought I was a wandering soul because I wasn't always dressed 100% modest.  That bothered me.  I wore makeup did my hair too, so I might as well be considered a lost cause.  But I wasn't.  So two lessons here.  Don't judge the youth as harsh as you think. Just a girl may be figuring out her own sense of style and modesty for herself does not mean she is out doing drugs and partying on the weekends!  As a youth try to see how the world see's you, know that although it isn't fair people will judge you on how you look.

It wasn't until I was getting married that my mom received a comment saying..they were so happy I could turn my life around.  Turn my life around? From what?!  I was attending the LDS temple once a week with friends, I was living my life the best I could, dressing  modestly, and I was really trying to be a good person.  It was very unfortunate that I was judged so harshly for some outfits I wore when I was in my teens.  But I was.

Boys.  Do I need to really say more? In a nutshell yes we all want to be pretty, get attention from boys have them like us.  But the attention we get from boys when we dress immodestly is not the right kind of attention.  It does not show them that we respect our bodies and we want them to respect us too.  That we have so much more inside of us than what our bodies look like and what we are wearing.  Our clothes may be an expressions of who we are, but they are NOT who we are. People will give us the respect we ask them to give us.  The first step in that in respecting ourselves.  If we dress modestly it not only helps us, it helps those around us to be more modest, and keep their thoughts and actions clean.

Through my experiences in this and how the world is changing even faster these days this is something I feel passionate about.  I hope you enjoy our outfits and encourage the girls and women in your life to be modest.  Also encourage the boys and men in your life to respect and encourage modesty.